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Healthcare Jobs - UK

The UK is made up of four different countries: Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The capital city is London, and the other major cities include Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool. As per NHS, the current requirement exceeds over 40,000 nurses and demand is rising.
The medical sector is governed by NHS -National Health Service having over 1200 hospitals and  NMC  -Nursing And Midwifery Council -is the  professional regulator for nurses and midwives in the UK and nursing associates in England

Healthcare - 20




Registered Nurse
Starting Salary is on band B and after OSCE - you get the pin and then moves to the next band.
Zoom interview after coaching: Placement location, Hospital name etc are given with full details when we set the interviews. The placement process takes over 3 months and free.
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Your Process

Prerequisites - Nursing Sector MWT Process
Educational - GNM and above Free registration - free placements
Experience - One year+ CV submission and reformatting
Qualifications - IELTS-OET / CBT / OSCE Info Session to assess candidate requirements
We have excellent coaching facilities too Client search and Interview Setting etc. etc.
All documents should be scanned on high resolution JPG only, WhatsApp images will be rejected.

IELTS – Occupational English Test needs an overall score -7 along with reading, listening and speaking and 6.5 in writing.

OET - Occupational English Test; w.e.f 28th January 2020, required writing score is C+ instead of B. Overall score B and a minimum B in reading, listening and speaking.

CBT – Computer Based Test is mandatory and need to be passed

OSCE - Objective Structured Clinical Examination- test is mandatory and to be done within 3 months but not beyond 8 months from your entry date. Maximum 3 attempts in 10 days gap.

Please note all the above may or may not change from time to time. Even though we would like to keep the changes updated, at times it is not possible and in which case, MWT cannot be held responsible for it. So please recheck these every time, while applying.